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People in ireland

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jhalvey - Experienced Software / Hardware Operations & Facilities Manager

I'm a self motivating, flexible, reliable, hardworking individual with 12+ years… more
Location Ireland

Marc Fritsche - Experienced Web Development Manager

Web obsessed individual currently working on some exciting projects with Splash … more
Location Ireland

Mortimer O'Sullivan - Experienced Software Engineer/Team Lead

Accomplished Software Project Leader/Engineer, specialising in web-based applica… more
Location Ireland


Overachiever: 8 years solid sales experience in the market research and IT indus… more
Location Ireland


An experienced manager with 15 years in the IT, Service and Manufacturing indust… more
Location Ireland

martinbpeters - C++/Python/PHP Scientist/Engineer

I seek a full-time position in IT or software development based industry utili… more
Location Ireland

Debbie O'Halloran - Experienced Web Content Manager

Award-winning web editor with excellent research, writing and creative skills. … more
Location Ireland

josie - Quality Manager at Moulding Technology Ltd

This is your opportunity to employ a hard working, honest, diligent and reliable… more
Location Ireland

eposhea - Assistant Branch Manager with Managment Consulting experience

Ambitious, energetic Masters in Business Graduate. I will without a doubt be a … more
Location Ireland

Superbrogie - Experienced Customer Service and Salesperson

I am very hard working, friendly, decisive, diplomatic, co-operative and competi… more
Location Ireland