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United Kingdom

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IT and Technology

Senior lead developer, technical software architect, strong programming experience with most known programming languages, mostly C++, ASM, Java, .NET C# (win/ASPX/ASMX), VB classic, VB.NET, strong experience with Livelink OScript, LBuilder, LAPI programming and Livelink integration, looking for new opprotunities in European job market. Preferred location: Will move and find apartment near the job.

DanteZ's Professional Experience

2008 - Present

Senior lead developer

C/C++ FastCGI applications on Win32 and Linux. FCGI content management system core programming MSSQL and PostgreSQL. Multithreading, performance tuning posix, memcache.

Key Skills
C/C++ CGI FastCGI Linux memcached Microsoft SQL Multithreading Oscript posix PostgreSQL Win32
2007 - 2008

Senior lead developer

Document management systems. Opentext Livelink ECM product implementation and integration with other customer program products, Livelink functionality extension (Livelink Builder, API):
Siebel CRM to Livelink ECM (C++ WinSock client - server solution to create Livelink documents and projects with attributes from Siebel), SAP R3 (Java solution for SAP Vendor data and export IDOC’s to SAP), Personnel accounting system (Standard data exchange between Oracle and MS SQL databases), Contract accounting system (Standard data exchange between Oracle and MS SQL databases).
Created modules: Electronic signature, Data Classifiers module, system extensions for interacting with 3th-party systems. Used technologies - Java, C#, C++.

Key Skills
2006 - 2007

.NET Windows forms department manager

Assure project system architecture framework quality, plan and implement system architecture in projects. Control and teach newbie’s for company needs. Develop high complexity integration and data exchange, synchronization between multiple systems (Java, C#). Projects in area: State Revenue Service, System for Finance Auditors

Key Skills
C# Java Quality system architecture
2004 - 2006

Lead developer / Development manager

Lead developer. Projects in areas: Assurance, Construction & Building, The State Forensic Science Bureau, Furniture manufacturer. Used technologies: C#, ASPX, .NET, C++, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL.

Key Skills
2002 - 2004

Senior developer / Development manager

Lead developer in projects: Assurance Accounting system, Construction & Building management system, Radiation Safety Centre (Radiation dose accounting system for patients). Used technologies C#, PHP, ASP, VBasic, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL.

Key Skills
2001 - 2002

Lead developer of Research Development projects

Management of Enterprise Business process analysis and automation projects. Additional tasks: Lead developer of Research & Development project (voice recognition and Text-To-Speech technologies). Development projects on .NET C#, Visual Basic Classic

Key Skills
.NET business process C# development research Visual Basic
2000 - 2001

C++ Developer

DCOM components / ASP web pages in combination with Informix database. Visual C++ database pooling component development (C++ Informix API, manage DB side process; manage DB requests; threading for pooling). Projects: Electronic Declaration system for State Revenue Service

Key Skills
ASP C++ Informix pooling threading Visual C++
1997 - 1999

Data processing specialist

Data processing specialist

Key Skills
Data Processing Specialist

DanteZ's Education and Qualifications


second level/high school education -

Krimuldas highschool


second level/high school education -


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Brainbench C++
Transcript: 8723688

Module: C++
Date: 2010-08-30
Score: 3.75 (Scale of 1 - 5 where 5.0 = Best)
Higher than 79% of all previous test takers.

Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts
within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most
projects in this area.

Construction and Destruction
Standard Template Library
Encapsulation and Classes

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