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Natalie Le Clerc is a Senior Executive of The Red Carnation Hotel Collection, a group of hotels that is part of The Travel Corporation (TTC). She is of Australian origin, born in Bulli in 1972. She earned her diploma in travel at the Traveland College in Sydney. 

Le Clerc’s early career involved a variety of hospitality positions in Bali, the UK, Australia, the Maldives and even a hostess position on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1999, she began working for one of TTC's leading brands, Contiki. She started out as a European Tour Manager and led young people of ages 18-35 on a variety of tours and trips in over twenty countries across Europe. 

In 2002, in light of her extraordinary professionalism, Le Clerc was chosen to help launch a brand new Contiki resort on the Great Keppel Island, located 15 km (9 mi) off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  Initially, she was the Entertainment Supervisor of the resort. After just six months, her position soon expanded to Guest Services Manager at the Contiki Great Keppel. She also served as interim Resort Manager at the Contiki Resort in Mykonos, Greece. Here, she was also involved in various aspects of the set up, renovation and restructuring of the Mykonos property.

Le Clerc's career continued to grow within Contiki as she took on a number of different roles throughout the years. In 2005, due to her fantastic work at Great Keppel, she was offered a promotion and became Assistant General Manager of a Contiki resort in Bali, Indonesia. Later, she would become the site’s General Manager in 2007. At the start of her tenure, the resort was Contiki Resort, Bali. Under her management, the Bali resort underwent a branding and concept shift and was renamed the Breezes Resort and Spa, a new boutique establishment.

Natalie Le Clerc was a critical overseer of the resort before, during and after the renovations. As General Manager she was involved in  every department of  the resort, including human resources, food and beverage, entertainment, maintenance, finance, reservations, housekeeping, as well as  hotel security. Le Clerc also directed the sales and marketing department at the Breezes Resort and Spa. During the renovation, Le Clerc was essential in maintaining profitability and sustainability of the resort, throughout the changes. She also managed the multi-million dollar refurbishment and rebranding project, implementing new design changes and re-categorizing the hotel rooms. 

Le Clerc's efforts at the Breezes turned it from a 3-star destination to an exclusive boutique resort, an associated property of The Red Carnation Group. Le Clerc's knowledge and background helped her to hire the best staff possible and ensure they were properly trained, while also forging strong professional cooperative relationships with tour wholesalers worldwide.,

In 2010 Le Clerc became General Manager of Mountbatten Resorts Indonesia, and early in 2011 she was promoted to Senior Executive level within The Red Carnation Hotel Collection. 

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