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An educator for the 21st century, Michael Lydiate has embraced the adult learning theory of online teaching, computer simulations, and digital libraries. For two years, he taught and counseled students as a professor and adviser at the University of Phoenix, a pioneer in online education, evening classes, and continuous enrollment. In this capacity, Michael Lydiate assisted registered students in selecting and enrolling for classes. He continued to advise his students throughout their coursework. The University of Phoenix has offered online classes with teachers such as Mike Lydiate for 20 years.

Mike Lydiate also taught as an adjunct professor at Troy University in Columbus, Georgia, for more than eight years, the last two while concurrently teaching at the University of Phoenix. Founded in 1887 in Alabama as the Troy State Normal School, the institution now maintains campuses in 16 states.

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PhD/Doctorate - Education

Argosy University


Masters/PostGrad - Education

Troy University


Bachelor/Degree - Exercise Science/Health Physical Education

Columbus State University

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Soccer, Golf, Exercise, Guitar, Music