Mark Longbottom - Director

Director at design58 - social media consultancy



Current location

United Kingdom

Work category

Media and Design



I live in Huddersfield in Northern England, my business is design58 which is a social media consultancy helping clients develop and manage an effective online presence. I have been social networking effectively for over 25 years since 1983. Since 2006 I have focused on social media sharing my skills and experiences in helping clients engage and build relationships online and offline.

I also develop platform58 which is a creative network, also publishing online art publications with the first 15 receiving over 2 million views in 18 months. Platform58 is now concentrated on facebook after the decline in MySpace [we have over 17,000 friends] and NING closing there free networks down [We had a network website of over 13,000 pages].

My creative background as a performance and conceptual artist helped me develop strong networking skills which are now the guidelines used globally on social media. These simply involve developing connections which produce long lasting relationships.

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