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scientific assistant at Independent Micro Lab Ltd



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Malgorzata Wieteska's Professional Experience

2009 - Present

Independent Micro Lab Ltd - scientific assistant

My daily-based duties include variety of tasks, such like: processing food and environmental samples for a variety tests, including pathogens; post incubation work on pathogen tests; preparation of culture media (e.g. VRBA, VRBGA), record keeping and other general laboratory duties.

2008 - 2008

2008 Sam Denningan & Co., Palmerstown, Old Town - quality technician

I was responsible for cchecking of incoming product for quality as per specification and recording the relevant documentation.
I kept eye also on housekeeping and cleaning in accordance with documented procedures for all areas of the plant, weights for all products and reporting any non-conformance, all product in dispatch area for quality, traceability and date codes. My duties included keeping all records up to date e.g. temperature checks and ensuring complete traceability of all products.

Key Skills
Cleaning housekeeping
2006 - 2008

ALcontrol Laboratories, Dublin  - lab technician

I worked in microbiology lab. My duties include media preparations; store the plates in the correct incubator, from time to time preparations of samples and other activities in microbiology’s lab (like plating, melting media). We did tests of food samples.

Key Skills
2005 - 2006

2006     Eclipse Scientific Group, England  - scientific assistant

I started work for Eclipse by employee's agency (DKM). I worked in Nutritional Chemistry Department.
I did tests of milk, cheese & dairy products (extraction of milk and cheese, phosphotase activity, pH, moisture by oven and by microwave, content percent of salt in products. I've been also trained at test antibiotics, freezing point in the milk, use a bactoscan to achieve results for quantity of somatic cells (to recognize mastitis), protein, fat,etc. in raw milk. I was able to do calibration of implements, which I used. I checked my results with acceptable limits for that value (GLP, biophysics).

Key Skills
2004 - 2004

Probation in Inspection of Veterinary,Grojec, Poland - probationer: Animal Science

                               I’ve gained experience in the activities of the Veterinary Inspection, with veterinaries regulations, with the work in the office, veterinary computer programs (ANIMO, SPIWET) and participation in Inspectorate activities, familiarity with HACCP in practice.

Key Skills
2003 - 2003

Probation in "Prima Sp. z o.o.",Czaplinek,Poland - probationer: Animal Science

                               I did castration of piglets, vaccination, treatment of swine, I've assisted at piglets birth.

Malgorzata Wieteska's Education and Qualifications


currently studying - 2-years extramural complementary Msc studies in the field of Food Technology and Human Nutrition

West-Pomeranian Technological University, Szczecin, Poland


Masters/PostGrad - Authorisation for teaching of children

University of Szczecin, Poland


Masters/PostGrad - Animal Science

Agricultural University in Szczecin, Poland

Malgorzata Wieteska's Additional Information



Rock music, travelling, politics, nature, reading, cooking.