Lu Ann Sidney - Lu Ann Sidney, Principal Consultant, Market Reseacher and Product Development Expert

Principal at LNS Consulting Services



Current location

United States

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Pharmaceutical and Science



The recipient of a doctor of philosophy in organic and polymer chemistry from the University of Maryland at College Park, Lu Ann Sidney, PhD, has dedicated her professional life to radiation- and polymer-related work. With a focus on radiation chemistry, polymer characterization, and thin-film coatings, Sidney has earned five U.S. patents and multiple records of invention. Since 1996, when she founded LNS Consulting Services in Chanhassen, Minnesota, Lu Ann Sidney, PhD, has offered her insights on matters ranging from analyzing competitive patents and sourcing resins to choosing materials for medical equipment and identifying customers at trade shows. Her most recent projects involve market research on new additives for food products and developing background information for a proposed new program for a local university. Lu Ann Sidney contributes to Concordia College, Moorhead, and to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul. One of her greatest interests is international travel.

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