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Why Choose Electron Beam Sterilization for Medical Devices?

on 06 Jan 2016 18:52 | Viewed 381 times

Electron beam (E-beam) sterilization has a number of advantages over other sterilization methods such as steam, ethylene oxide, and gamma rays.  Since the first commercial application of E-beam sterilization of sutures by Ethicon in 1956, E-beam has made gains in the medical device sterilization space. 

E-beam sterilization has a number of advantages:

1. High dose rates

2. One product in process at one time

3. Adjustable processing rate

4. Just In Time processing

5. Good processing efficiencies (depends on product)

6. Capital cost increases slowly with capacity

7.  Can turn off

Some of the disadvantages of E-beam sterilization include:  Low penetration, reliability, and high capital cost.


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