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Dimes Project Supports Families of Children with Cancer

on 18 Oct 2016 6:26 | Viewed 377 times

Litigation attorney Lisa M. Nousak serves as a partner at Boies, Schiller & Flexner in New York and maintains active membership with the New York State Bar Association. Beyond her professional and legal obligations, she contributes to community organizations such as the Friends of Karen. Friends of Karen offers support to children who are critically ill and their families and encourages members of the public to become involved through programs such as the Dimes Project.The Dimes Project began as one family’s way of honoring their daughter Meghan, who lost her life to cancer during her teenage years. The discovery of a dime of the sidewalk reminded the family of the Pennies from Heaven concept and the fact that they used to tease Meghan about replacing the pennies with dimes. Based on a poem written in 1998, Pennies from Heaven is the idea that finding a penny means that a loved one who has passed is thinking about you. The family began putting any dimes they found in a special jar, which they later donated to Friends of Karen to aid other families with children diagnosed with cancer. Friends of Karen invites members of the public to become a part of Meghan’s inspiration by creating their own dime jars and donating the collected funds after a set period of time. To participate, individuals are advised to set a time frame and dollar goal to aim for as they continue to collect donations. The organization also encourages participants to decorate the donation jar and place it in a highly trafficked area, such as a storefront, a classroom, or even the kitchen counter. After the time frame ends, participants count their collected funds and contact Friends of Karen to arrange the delivery. To learn more about the Dime Project and other Friends of Karen initiatives, visit


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