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KSU Hosts Career Fairs Throughout the Academic Year

on 13 Nov 2013 21:24 | Viewed 269 times

Karl Kandt has worked in higher education since 1990, beginning his career at Emporia State University (ESU). During his tenure at ESU, Karl Eric Kandt worked in the areas of financial aid and student recruitment. He later worked in athletic student services at Wichita State University (WSU) and Career and Employment Services at Kansas State University (KSU). In an ongoing endeavor to help its students succeed, Kansas State University offers a series of career fairs for students throughout the year. Students may visit and meet with representatives from businesses and various employers. In the fall, an all-university career fair is held where KSU students can learn more about opportunities for part-time employment, volunteer jobs, internships, and full-time employment opportunities. Student advisors recommend that students wear professional dress and bring several copies of their resume with them to the various career fairs held throughout the year.


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