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Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) Awards

on 04 Dec 2013 5:01 | Viewed 258 times

Karl Eric Kandt served 22 years as a college administrator with colleges throughout Kansas. An experienced sports commentator, he has also analyzed and announced basketball games and volleyball matches for Kansas educational institutions such as Wichita State University and Manhattan High School. While serving as a radio analyst for men’s and women’s basketball at Emporia State University, Karl Kandt was honored with the 1996 Kansas Association of Broadcasters Award for Medium Market Radio.The Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) is a lobbying, recruiting, and educational organization that is dedicated to promoting over-the-air broadcasting, enhancing the success of Kansas broadcasters, and serving radio and television audiences within Kansas. Every year, the KAB honors individuals and broadcast stations that have distinguished themselves in furthering these goals. The annual KAB Awards considers industry accomplishments in a variety of categories, from major-market television to small-market radio.


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