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Assistant Director, Career and Employment Services at Kansas State University

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Steps to Choosing a Major in College

on 02 Jul 2014 21:51

Karl Kandt previously spent seven years as an assistant director of career and employment services at Kansas State University. In this role, Karl Eric Kandt assisted students in their career decision-making process.

Although colleges provide students with a variety of tools to help with the selection of a career, only students can declare a major, which is one of the most significant steps in determining what types of jobs are avai ...more

A Brief Overview of Ranch Management

on 15 Jan 2014 21:57

Previously, Karl Kandt served as a university administrator for 22 years. Currently, Karl Eric Kandt performs as the manager of farming and operations at K Ranch, LLC. Ranch managers oversee the day-to-day functions of a ranch or agricultural livestock business. This year-round position requires managers to combine business acumen, animal husbandry, and physical prowess in order to fulfill all the duties necessary for running this type of company. Individuals enjoy the field of ranch manageme ...more

Kansas Association of Broadcasters (KAB) Awards

on 04 Dec 2013 5:01

Karl Eric Kandt served 22 years as a college administrator with colleges throughout Kansas. An experienced sports commentator, he has also analyzed and announced basketball games and volleyball matches for Kansas educational institutions such as Wichita State University and Manhattan High School. While serving as a radio analyst for men’s and women’s basketball at Emporia State University, Karl Kandt was honored with the 1996 Kansas Association of Broadcasters Award for Medium Market Radi ...more

KSU Hosts Career Fairs Throughout the Academic Year

on 13 Nov 2013 21:24

Karl Kandt has worked in higher education since 1990, beginning his career at Emporia State University (ESU). During his tenure at ESU, Karl Eric Kandt worked in the areas of financial aid and student recruitment. He later worked in athletic student services at Wichita State University (WSU) and Career and Employment Services at Kansas State University (KSU). In an ongoing endeavor to help its students succeed, Kansas State Unive ...more