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Our goal

We created Worky.com as a place for you to promote your working life, a place to network with other like-minded people and a place to find a job or be headhunted (if you're looking for a job, that is)

Initially we focused on job search, but Worky is about much more than job search, though we do that too and quite well actually. The new Worky is for job seekers and non job seekers alike, for freelancers, entrepreneurs and small business owners... basically it's for anyone who wants to promote their work profile online to potential contacts, clients, customers and more.

And Worky is also for companies, it's a place where a company can create a free online profile to promote it's products, services and any job vacancies to Worky members and online through search engines. Worky also provides some innovative recruitment solutions for companies including the ability to browse, filter and contact matching Worky members.

Worky is built by people who understand the web and who get a kick out of creating something really useful for you. We've created a site that's accessible to all walks of life and career types. So whether you're a rocket scientist or a rock star, you'll find we're the place to promote yourself to people who can help you to progress in your work life.

The people behind Worky have more than 126 years of experience at creating great websites including internationally successful, award-winning ones. We think Worky can join that elite group, but not without your help. If you have any ideas on things we could do better, or feedback on our current site then don't be shy and let us know... we'd love to hear from you

The Team

We're a small friendly team based in Dublin, Ireland

Chief Marketing Officer
Software Development Manager
Software Developer
Web Designer
Account Director

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You can contact us here or alternatively you can find us on Facebook and Twitter

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