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This is the LaunchPad Group on Worky.com.
Category: Other 5 members, 0 topics. No posts yet

Surface Finsihing

The Surface Finishing Group for Worky is an open forum for the discussion of all things pertaining to Surface Finishing including plating, painting, buffing, polishing, organic, inorganic, PVD, CDVD, ... more
Category: Engineering 1 member, 0 topics. No posts yet

KMD Study Center

Lads throw up any ideas you have about our study center Location Costings Staff Insurance Timing Financing?
Category: Business 3 members, 0 topics. No posts yet

All things Nursing

This group is set up as a venue for nurses to discuss all things good and bad about their jobs. Also to provide a froum to support each other in these troubled times.
Category: Medical and Nursing 4 members, 0 topics. No posts yet

Fashion Retailing

All things related to fashion retailing, e.g. news, trends, business insights...
Category: Accounting and Finance 6 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 7 years ago by Ergode


Inventory materials as received and issued. Provide material usage reports. Perform materials physical inventories. Develop and upgrade a computerized inventory. Generate critical materials reports. P ... more
Category: Construction 1 member, 0 topics. No posts yet

IT Jobs in Ireland

This is a group to discuss all the new and up-n-coming IT Recruitment trends and open opportunities for both contractors and permanent employees. All members are welcome to participate in the discuss ... more
Category: IT and Technology 1 member, 1 topic. Latest Post 9 years ago by TEKpeople

Multilingual Sales Professionals in Ireland

Group for all Multilingual Sales professionals to share their experiences. If you have fluency in either Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Norwegian, French, Portuguese or Italian or any other langua ... more
Category: Sales 1 member, 2 topics. Latest Post 8 years ago by Marcin Cupial

German Speaking Jobs in Ireland

Worky group for all German Speaking professionals. Please feel free to share your experience and post job opportunities. Regards, Marcin
Category: Sales 1 member, 3 topics. Latest Post 8 years ago by Marcin Cupial

Working in Ireland

Q and A about Working in Ireland
Category: Other 24 members, 1 topic. Latest Post 8 years ago by NannyGPS