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Volunteering / Non-Profit Sector / Social Entrepreneurship

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About: For those interested in volunteering or working in the non-profit sector or the social entrepreneurship area. Advice, opportunities and information. All welcome!

Mick Mun started a new topic Volunteer Work in Bali, Indonesia

If you planning to do any volunteering work abroad l would recommend,  a great website on Bali volunteering work in Indonesia is the following: www.volunteerinbali.org The website has information on volunteering projects like volunteering teachi… more Wed Feb 6 14:07:15

Marie-Claire Walsh started a new topic ARK - Acts of Random Kindness

Check out http://www.arkhq.com. Really inspiring group of people. more Sat Nov 6 14:08:33

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Travel to Teach

Another very interesting website concerning voluntary work is the following: http://www.travel-to-teach.org/. The website contains information about several subjects like 'teaching English', 'child care', 'women's groups', 'IT teaching' and… more Wed Oct 6 14:00:24

Puck Hienekamp started a new topic Voluntary Work Abroad

http://www.workingabroad.com/ offers a wide range of voluntary projects. You'll be working abroad to take action for nature and society. Have a look at http://www.workingabroad.com/page/28/statia-project-caribbean.htm where you can apply to… more Tue Sep 28 10:16:38
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