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Martinsen Mayer said

Hi guys, I look after the Healthcare Desk in Martinsen Mayer, just wanted to say Hi! Thu Aug 22 08:35:28

Joao Romao said

Hello everyone!! I am looking for job i've a certificate in Nutrition & Dietetics, and once i can't do a physical job because of a health issue , wanted something related with it. thanks for the help if you know something i tank you.. Tue Feb 12 15:17:35

Bryan Dignam said

Cook Medical has announced they will be investing €16.5million to create a range of highly skilled job positions in Limerick Tue Jan 10 11:13:44

Caroline Marie said

"50 Years of Irish Birth Trends" Event,Thursday 23rd September, 5-6pm, Finnstown Country House Hotel, Lucan. Mon Jan 17 15:53:32

Mark Donovan started a new topic nursing groups

hi,since moving to Dublin from Wales where i worked as a nurses aide with the NHS,i have been unable to find work so have been making no contacts with like minded people.I am looking for sites or groups where i can meet nursing and nursing related st… more Sat Dec 4 11:19:14
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