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IT & Technology in Ireland

Latest Post : I hope sunduin mo ako sa December. Ingat lagi jan. more
by KarlChesterLee 6 years ago
Created: 24th Sep 7 Posts

Job Opportunity - Cork, Ireland - global aerospace and building systems industry

Latest Post : Hello Sarah, Very good opportunities as for me. Is this position available for non eu citi… more
by Ruslan Nychkaliuk 7 years ago
Created: 23rd Mar 2 Posts

Symantec Secure Site Pro with EV work as a Magic Jack for Small Business Websites.

Latest Post : As online business is covering the major part for products as well services selling market… more
by SSL Certificates 7 years ago
Created: 4th Jul 1 Post

Solution Architect Full time position

Latest Post : hello dearest friend i am here in karachi pakistan dear i have no job hear sens 2 year i a… more
by javed rabbani 8 years ago
Created: 13th Mar 2 Posts

If not JAVA, What?

Latest Post : Hi Niall, precisely, the reason for I recommend C and C++ is for know basic concepts like … more
by Roberto Campos 8 years ago
Created: 30th Aug 8 Posts

Want to Learning a Programming Language

Latest Post : I take your point Garrett,  I suppose what Im looking for is somewhere to start or a … more
by Alan Armitage 8 years ago
Created: 12th Aug 10 Posts

A Business Intelligence and Data Mining industry seminar will be taking place at the Institute of Technology Blanchardstown on the 8th June

Latest Post : Hi, i definately want to attend this seminar, i just want to know few things, i am nearly … more
by Bari Ken 9 years ago
Created: 26th May 6 Posts

Great Opportunity For SAP SD Consultants

Latest Post : Hi,  Do you have a link to the job on and can you even tell us wher… more
by Niall Dawson 9 years ago
Created: 20th Jan 3 Posts

Looking to move into IT

Latest Post : My do's and don'ts on being a freelance developer… more
by chris mccabe 9 years ago
Created: 25th Dec 5 Posts

Facebook and Skype partnership

Latest Post : Music to my ears!! :-). Sincerely hope it happens! I text a lot and am pretty annoyed with… more
by Oliver Connick 9 years ago
Created: 1st Oct 4 Posts
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