HR and Recruitment

HR and Recruitment

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Founded: 22nd Feb 2010
About: An organisation's most valuable asset is its staff. Hiring the best possible staff is one of the biggest challenges facing Recruitment Specialists today. This Group gives HR Managers, Training and Development Specialists, Recruitment Officers and anyone involved in the HR function an opportunity to ask questions, voice opinions and share information about HR-related policies and work in general.

Looking For Change To HR

Latest Post : I am an experienced computer repair tech and I love technology. I just completed a cert fo… more
by John Treacy 6 years ago
Created: 2nd Sep 1 Post

Looking for HR Generalist Role in Dublin

Latest Post : Hey Rebecca,  Out of curiosity, how was your search for work in Ireland when you arri… more
by 8 years ago
Created: 18th Aug 2 Posts

Free interview workshop

Latest Post : The Innovation Enterprise Network are providing a half day workshop for interview skills t… more
by Ronald Hughes 8 years ago
Created: 30th Aug 1 Post

iPhone Develop

Latest Post : If you have 6 to 12 months experience in the development of novel apps for iPhone iOS4 I w… more
by No Body 8 years ago
Created: 15th Jun 1 Post


Latest Post : I am very interested in assessment, skills, abilities, attitude and identity.  I form… more
by Ronald Hughes 9 years ago
Created: 21st Aug 1 Post

What's driving HR departments today?

Latest Post : Last year many of the HR specialist were working on outplacement, but what are HR speciali… more
by Ronald Hughes 9 years ago
Created: 21st Aug 1 Post

Recession damages people, how will this recession change you?

Latest Post : Have the belief that there is no Recession, No excuses; treat it as just a different tradi… more
by A S 9 years ago
Created: 24th Jun 2 Posts

HR Training

Latest Post : Looking at the most recent positions the HR role is moving up rapidly into business manage… more
by A S 9 years ago
Created: 17th Jun 1 Post

The Google Job Experiment

Latest Post : Great way to get a job, certainly creative thinking:… more
by Niamh Ni Mhir 9 years ago
Created: 10th Jun 1 Post

Recruitment Executive Job, Dublin

Latest Post : Short-term Recruitment Executive job available at Paddy Power, apply today http://www… more
by Claire Anne Keogh 1 decade ago
Created: 3rd Jun 1 Post
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