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Flight Communications Officer Messages

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Multinational Motor Company seek Advertising & Communications Manager

http://www.mii.ie/en/j/?312 ... more
Latest Post 1 decade ago by Colette Quinn

Eighty jobs will result from the first phase of the network, with thousands of others being created as the network rolls out across Ireland.

Details of a technology for high-speed communications called the smart network, with the potential t ... more
Latest Post 1 decade ago by Gregory Donaghy

Best PR option for Irish web startup targeting US + Europe?

Johnny, funnily enough I have been a little disappointed with social media, as some of your colleagu ... more
Latest Post 9 years ago by Brigitte T. Murphy

Tech firm PFH to create 80 jobs for Dublin, Cork

Technology company PFH's expansion on the heels of its purchase of the Irish division of Siemens Ent ... more
Latest Post 1 decade ago by Gregory Donaghy

Just a little 'fact'

There are always facts about people, countries or cultures that you didn't see coming or simply blew ... more
Latest Post 1 decade ago by Puck Hienekamp

Beach Holiday Zanzibar

Zanzibar reaching new heights, when we introduce the luxurious and amazing eco beach hotel Zanzibar, ... more
Latest Post 6 years ago by Calisan Garge