Recession damages people, how will this recession change you?

Ronald Hughes - Trainer
Ronald Hughes June 24, 2010 at 12:09 PM

HR and recruitment specialist are in the business of finding the right people to work, but what happens when major recession hit is that we are scrambling to deal with now, while all of the time things are changing.  I thought I would bring up a little food for thought.  In the next few years, what do you expect to be the big issue when companies start to recruit again?  

I have an Idea that  it may involve work readiness!

A S June 24, 2010 at 1:02 PM

Have the belief that there is no Recession, No excuses; treat it as just a different trading environment. A challenge that will sort the true business person from the pretenders,

This current trading environment called a recession is not an easy one to work though, as many countries are in the same situation. What is true is that any company or business that gets through this will be in a fantastic position. learning’s on cost control and productivity in this period when applied in the good times will benefit all, the issue that business's have now, in part, have been caused by the spend spend attitude when times are good. I have never understood when the money comes in why cost controls go to the wall  

With the lack of Jobs many staff will accept any role just to stay employed. the key “2 way Communication” with a work force, if they know what is needed to keep the business functional it works, faced with job losses they will accept reduced hours & pay across the board, you may lose some, but key is keeping the skill set that you have, to prepare for the upturn. The delay in having to recruit and retrain a new work force is never effective and would put the business on a back foot.  again back to the over staffing and over spending in the good times, many business’s never see that they could have maintained productivity with a smaller team until they have to, I recently had to restructure the work force, and by communication with the team and planning 2 years ahead the result was, when other around me 12 month later still had to cut back further, I never did, because I was there. Recession is just a word, used as a reason or excuse.