Promote Excellent Service to Win More Business

John Jordan - Owner
John Jordan January 6, 2011 at 4:32 PM

What differentiates you from your competition? Often “the quality of our service” is the default statement.  However this differentiator can be overused and, therefore, its relevance diluted.

If service excellence is a vital part of your business ethos, it is important to embrace it as a core element in your company’s marketing strategy.

Here are three ways to promote the ‘quality of your service’ to help you win more business. 

1.    Build case studies / testimonials on the great service you provide.

Remember the Power of Testimonials? Gather testimonials that highlight your service excellence. Build case studies to illustrate the quality of your service and use them to support proposals, tenders and presentations.

2.     Ask for feedback from your clients/customers. 

Regularly ask your clients for feedback on the quality of service you provide.  Offer a forum/channel for comments and suggestions throughout your business. Use questionnaires to gauge feedback on your performance. 

3.     Stand over your service.

Give guarantees as to the quality of the service you provide, make them specific and proactively sign up to service level agreements to illustrate/engender confidence.


Pride yourself on your service and always seek to improve it. Send a questionnaire to all of your clients to assess your standard of service.

What does excellent service mean to your business? Please share. 

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