Gillian O'Brien - Senior Project Manager - Software/Digital Content

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Gillian O'Brien's Project Manager role at Babelgum Networks (2007 - 2010)

* Co-ordinated schedules, quality assessment and publication of online video content to global web and mobile based platforms.
* Scheduled delivery, process and publication from over 25 concurrently active content provider accounts.
* Supported content providers in their delivery to ensure that technical requirements were met for timely processing and publication.
* Reported required status information to internal and external stakeholders from contract signature through publication and content maintenance.
* Prioritised multiple projects for processing by the internal Content QA team.
* Monitored encoders in internally developed systems to highlight and resolve performance issues as efficiently as possible.
* Provided point of contact between the content team and development team for encoding and content management systems (CMS).
* Collated and scoped team requirements of the CMS and encoding systems.
* Managed User Acceptance Testing on CMS and encoding systems.
* Developed and implemented standard process for Affiliate program content management.
* Created content solutions more than 20 unique affiliate partners.
* Monitored affiliate contract negotiation to ensure that schedules were met and the content expectations were set accurately with the affiliate partner.
* Distributed required code information for affiliate implementation and then provided support on content and code throughout implementation.
* Escalated affiliate implementation queries to the development team where required.
* Managed migration to outsourced model


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