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Conscientious Senior Project Manager with 8 years’ experience in localisation and digital content. Track record in management of multiple concurrent and cross-functional projects, working with geographically diverse stakeholders, teams, vendors and partner companies. Skilled in cross-team communication, scheduling, task prioritisation and delegation. Self-motivated, confident, adaptable team player who thrives on being challenged.

Gillian O'Brien's Professional Experience

2007 - 2010

Babelgum Networks - Project Manager

* Co-ordinated schedules, quality assessment and publication of online video content to global web and mobile based platforms.
* Scheduled delivery, process and publication from over 25 concurrently active content provider accounts.
* Supported content providers in their delivery to ensure that technical requirements were met for timely processing and publication.
* Reported required status information to internal and external stakeholders from contract signature through publication and content maintenance.
* Prioritised multiple projects for processing by the internal Content QA team.
* Monitored encoders in internally developed systems to highlight and resolve performance issues as efficiently as possible.
* Provided point of contact between the content team and development team for encoding and content management systems (CMS).
* Collated and scoped team requirements of the CMS and encoding systems.
* Managed User Acceptance Testing on CMS and encoding systems.
* Developed and implemented standard process for Affiliate program content management.
* Created content solutions more than 20 unique affiliate partners.
* Monitored affiliate contract negotiation to ensure that schedules were met and the content expectations were set accurately with the affiliate partner.
* Distributed required code information for affiliate implementation and then provided support on content and code throughout implementation.
* Escalated affiliate implementation queries to the development team where required.
* Managed migration to outsourced model

Key Skills
Content Encoding Content Management Systems Digital content management Outsource migration Process Development
2002 - 2007

Oracle Corp - Senior Project Manager

* Co-ordinated the translation of Oracle University courseware to 9 core languages for internal customers in Oracle EMEA, APAC and Latin America.
* Scheduled and managed delivery of approximately 200 translated courses per annum covering online, hardcopy and classroom delivery formats.
* Managed distribution of workloads across 11 in-country translation vendor companies worldwide.
* Forecast, monitored and reported on annual budget of $5 million.
* Developed and documented a standard process for the collation, planning and translation execution of Oracle University customer requirements.
* Presented and implemented standard process to new customers to ensure that the translation solution adapted where required accommodating geographical and cultural specific needs.
* Developed and administered Oracle Database and user interface for the organisation and reporting of Oracle University translation projects on an internal global basis.
* Managed scheduling and delivery of translation of 2 RDBMS products to 28 languages working with internal engineering teams and external translation vendor companies.
* Aggregated and documented the WPTG department translation budget forecast, spend and metrics on a monthly basis.

Key Skills
Geographically dispersed teams Oracle Vendor Management
1999 - 2002

WPTG - QA Engineer

* Co-ordinated quality assurance testing on 3 Oracle suite products across 28 languages.
* Established a central point of contact with QA engineers across WPTG APAC to schedule testing, provide test scripts, configuration information and bug co-ordination.
* Performed quality assurance testing on the products for EMEA and Latin American languages.
* Reported QA status and escalated scheduling issues to project management team.
* Escalated engineering and translation issues, as required, to internal engineering team and worldwide language specialist teams.
* Developed, documented and implemented revised QA process to meet the requirements of changes in the structure of product delivery.

Key Skills
Quality Assurance engineering Oracle

Gillian O'Brien's Education and Qualifications


Diploma - Business Studies

Dublin Business School


Certificate - HETAC Cert. Team Management

National College of Ireland


Certificate - ETP (Ireland) Ltd.

Structured Programme and Project Management


Bachelor/Degree - Computer Science, three year completed

Trinity College, Dublin