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C Byrne's Freelance International SEO Specialist Consultant / Trainer role at SEO Surrey London UK (2008 - Present)

I have now been established for over 5 years in my own business working as a Freelance Integrated Digital Marketing & Content Strategy Consultant / Trainer specialising in 'organic' international Google SEO & link building services. I offer independent advice.

Some of my current work is working to 'undo' or mitigate the effects of the work of "SEO professionals" who did not follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. As a result the sites they "optimised" are affected by the Google 'Panda' & 'Penguin' updates with issues such as Unnatural Link Warnings & algorithmic penalties (causing a drop in rankings) from Google and devalued links. At time of writing I also manage the SEO team for one of my clients.

I have easy access to the South UK area inc. Woking, Reading, Brighton, Bournemouth & Portsmouth.

Various clients in the London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire, UK and overseas areas have selected me to consult on or train them in SEO-related matters including Mediacom (UK's largest media agency & part of GroupM / WPP), freeads.co.uk (one of the top 500 sites in the UK according to Hitwise), Travel Weekly Group, ITV, Lloyds Banking Group & Horwath Clark Whitehill..

I've worked on sites of all sizes including one with online sales of c. £15 million per week (at time of writing 3.2012) & on a site for an international financial institution in 2013..


('Whitelabel') On-Page/Site Google SEO Audits & Strategic Recommendations
Hands-On SEO Changes to Sites/Pages
Keyword Research
Content Creation Suggestions
Content Development
Content Promotion / Viral "Pushes"
Link Building & Link Building Recommendations
Social Media Marketing Recommendations
Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools Reporting
On-Site Training
Integrated Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist Consultancy
Content Strategy
Sales / Marketing
Google Penguin and Panda updates

I am not able to list all the brands / companies I have worked on by name due to non-disclosure agreements.


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