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I am a software developer with 20 years experience in a wide range of business areas, languages, databases and operating systems. I have extensive experience of financial systems and system integration. I work well both as part of a team and on my own.

insinbad's Professional Experience

2002 - Present

Software Developer

I am the lead developer working with two programmers. Having taken over the Datasoft Accounts system and customer base from Integrity Software, we developed a windows version for the DOS based Datasoft system. We developed a new product called Datapos as a replacement for all previous versions as well as developing into new areas.
For the first two years we developed mainly in Powerflex and Visual Dataflex (a graphical database language similar to Powerflex). However, our Datapos system is written in Delphi using Advantage DBMS. I have also developed handheld software in Visual Basic .Net to integrate with our main systems.
In the last 2 years I have been working on web extension for our software systems. Working mainly in PHP, again using Advantage Databases, we have developed a number of remote connectivity systems. The key product I designed, coded and implemented for the web was a secure document management system for a care home management company. This system handles the company’s document version control, standard form handling, shared and private documents, full access control and tracking.

Key Skills
Accounts Advantage analysing data analysing problems Computer Programming Database Databases Dataflex Delphi Developer Document Management DOS Financial Accounts integration JavaScript Payroll PHP Powerflex Software SQL Systems Analysis Visual Basic Windows
1999 - 2002

Software Developer

I developed and supported accounts and business process software for a wide variety of business areas. Programming predominantly in Powerflex database language, I was part of a three person team developing modifications, expansions and connectivity to a standard Accounts system (Datasoft).
I worked with customers in diverse industries, from oil and food distribution to engineering, property and legal services. Some key projects I developed were milk quota management, food telesales, call management and handheld integration systems.
Though most of the development was in Powerflex we also wrote some of our external software in C, Visual Basic and Delphi.

Key Skills
Accounts analysing problems Computer Programming Dataflex Delphi Distribution Powerflex Systems Analysis Telesales Visual Basic Visual Dataflex
1995 - 1999

Software Developer

I worked in all areas of the business implementing systems to control and streamline the operation of the company.
I implemented an integrated stock control and van sales system. I designed and developed PC and Psion handheld computer based sets of systems that linked in with Take5 Accounts. I programmed mainly in C, on PC and handheld, and with Dataease. I also implemented the companies Y2K updates.

Key Skills
Accounts C Computer Programming Dataease integration PSION sales Stock Control Take5 Y2K
1992 - 1995


I developed new software, and supported and modified existing systems for Psion handheld computers. I programmed mainly in C for both stand-alone and integrated systems.
The largest project I worked on was a life assurance payment collection system for Irish Life. The system included 450 handheld computers communicating remotely, synchronising data, uploading new receipts and automatically installing upgrades.

Key Skills
C Computer Programming PSION Technical Support
1989 - 1992


I wrote and modified reporting and processing software in COBOL and TXL (a proprietary 4GL) on a Mini-Mainframe based insurance system.
The key areas I worked in were re-insurance and claims.

Key Skills
COBOL Computer Programming

insinbad's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - Business and Computing

Ballyfermot Senior College, Dublin 10