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Social Media and Personal Development Skills

This category dives deeper into the world of social media and provides key courses on social media that are extremely relevant in today's society. Twitter, YouTube, iTunes, Blogging, amongst many others has become an essential part of people's everyday lives and the following courses are designed to show you how exactly you can utilise them to their maximum potential. Whether you're promoting a product or service, or simply socialising with friends, the courses have everything you need to know.
There are 10 courses in this category

Online Communication Tools

This group consists of courses solely based around online communication and interaction. The ability to communicate via the internet nowadays has become a necessity and a gained knowledge in this field can prove extremely useful in many aspects of modern society. The following courses give an insight to the simplicity of being able to communicate online, which many people mislead to be more difficult than it actually is. Screen Sharing and Voice Over Recording are some features which the following courses specialise in.
There are 8 courses in this category

Art and Design Skills

This is the perfect opportunity for people who want to improve their creative and artistic abilities using modern online applications. The courses featured here range from creating your own website, to editing a personal video or photo using some of the most effective and easy to use application tools around. Successful completion of these courses will make a clear statement of one's artistic abilities.
There are 11 courses in this category

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a collection of desktop programs that run on the Microsoft Windows or the Mac OS X operating system. These extremely useful programs are designed to simplify a number of everyday business and home computing tasks that users perform daily. Each version of Microsoft office is typically split into several different editions. Using the following programs will allow you to create and edit documents, design websites, produce slide presentations, create spreadsheets and much more.
There are 3 courses in this category