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Blogger 2 - Blogger in Detail

This second set of training videos looks into the more detailed side of the "Blogger Settings". Here you will be shown additional features which include how to add multiple users, control who reads your blogs, adding different pages to your blog amongst many other options.

Before taking this "Blogger part 2" course, it is advised to look at our Blogger 1 course first, which explains how to set up and use Blogger for beginners. There you can become familiar with general tabs and layouts and prepare you for this second, more advanced course.

Contents of this chapter

  • Introduction

  • Interface

  • Stats

  • Post Tab

  • Post Tab 2

  • More on Pages

  • Page Widget

  • Comments

  • AdSense

  • Layout

  • Layout 2

  • Background Picture

  • Columns

  • Colours

  • Mobile Devices

  • Settings Basic

  • Delete Download