V. M. Tecknologies, Karnataka - Offers end-to-end solutions to industries and commercial entities regarding Fluid Management.

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Market sector: Manufacturing and Operations
Telephone: +91-9448472681

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About V. M. Tecknologies, Karnataka

Established in the year 2003, VM Technologies NS-EN ISO 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 ISO Certificate Company. VM Technologies offers end-to-end solutions to industries and commercial entities regarding Fluid Management. Right from procurement & monitoring to maintenances and disposal, we provide all type of fluid management systems and fluid protection systems on clients' premises. We are the manufactures of electrostatic oil cleaners & we ventured into business association with various reputed manufacturers to supply fluid management products, fluid protection products, coolant reconditioning systems, oil separators, water treatment plants, etc.

All these fluid protection products are designed to provide effective fluid protection to keep them clean for longer duration. We have gained complete understanding regrading the working of machine shops, process knowledge, fluid testing & data interpretation. This wide experience in fluid protection systems and fluid management empowers us for providing implementation and enhancement of complete fluid management systems. Our employees possess the training backed by sound knowledge and experience to provide the best of services to the clients.

Most of the small and medium sized machine shops lack requisite fluid management systems and fluid protection systems. Absence of fluid management leads to the a host of problems such as bad odors, machine breakdowns, high fluid disposal costs, high repair costs and shorter tool life. At VMT, we strive to reduce such problems associated to enhance the productivity and operational efficiency.

Our product range includes following systems :
Coolant Wizard
Oil Cleaner Test Kit
Coolant Recondition System
Electrostatic Oil Cleaner
Coolant Wizard Support
Oil Separators
vacuum Dehydration Unit
Wastewater Treatment Plant
Vacudust Clear Cat

Customer Satisfaction:
At VM Technologies, the aim is to achieve customer delight rather than just customer satisfaction. It is ensured by the management whether clients' requirements are fulfilled or not. Initially, the technical team meets with the customers to identify appropriate solutions. Once the solution is decides, the team visits a pay to clients' facility to draw details about installation and commissioning. Important on-site consultation is also provided for specific clients' needs.


Address: 50, Sree Ram Mandir Road, Basavangudi, Karnataka
Bangalore 560004,
Telephone: +91-9448472681
Website: Click to visit Website