Samarth Electronics, Thane - Manufacturer of ultrasonic equipments like Ultrasonic cleaners, Ultrasonic Sonicator.

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Market sector: Manufacturing and Operations
Telephone: +91-9322916496

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About Samarth Electronics, Thane

We are pleased to introduce our selves’ as a upcoming manufacturing company. Specialized in ultrasonic equipments like Ultrasonic cleaners, Ultrasonic Sonicator, accessories, SMPS Power Source’s and Digital timer’s. We have a quality management system and hard working staff catering to our clients nedds 24/7. Our product’s have a wide variety of application’s, taking into considerate the growing importance of (efficient Ultrasonic technology Nevertheless, we have kept the) flexibility a and capability to manufacture equipment’s of Special dimension’s. Vibrating frequency above 18KHz (18,000 vibration / per sec) is called ultrasound. As a result of these vibration’s a large amount of small size Vaccum bubble’s are formed in liquid (they are in millions). They implode during high pressure and create highly effective pressure wave.

This phenomenon is called as cavitations and results in removal of dirt contaminations from the object which is to be cleaned. To achieve this effect (Ultrasonic Effect) in the liquid, high frequency generators are used which converts the frequency developed to the corresponding frequency of the ultrasonic unit which again is transformed into mechanical vibrations with the help of electromechanical transducers.


Address: 2/3, Varenium Plaza, Church Road, Rameshwadi, Badlapur, - , Maharashtra
West Badlapur 421503,
Telephone: +91-9322916496
Website: Click to visit Website