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About Palmero Health Care

Palmero Health Care has been serving dental and medical offices and others for more than 80 years. Located in Stratford, Connecticut, the company was founded by Joe Palmero, one of the industry’s first independent distributors. An innovative entrepreneur with a dynamic personality, he eventually began manufacturing his own line of equipment and supplies rather than selling others’ products. His son and successor, Ken Palmero, has implemented several initiatives to enhance Palmero Health Care’s efficiency and quality as well, notably the company’s move to dominate the infection-control market.

An unintended and unfortunate side effect of increasingly effective disease treatment is the emergence of so-called “super bugs,” such as MRSA, a staph bacterium which is resistant to drugs. The existence of super bugs makes infection-control measures all the more important in places like dental and medical offices, gyms, swimming pools, and other areas where cross-contamination can occur. Palmero makes and markets DisCide Ultra, a hospital-grade disinfectant. The firm specifically designed this product to eradicate major pathogens, including MRSA, types of influenza, salmonella, athlete’s foot fungus, HIV, and e. coli, in a minute or less. Few competing products can match that claim.

Palmero’s web site, at, notes that competing brands of disinfectant are not necessarily the same. It is important to identify which brand can kill which pathogen, show how quickly that can occur, and list any special conditions that apply. Some brands, for example, require that the surface being disinfected remain wet for a certain period of time. Palmero Health Care has formulated DisCide Ultra to be the most effective and the most convenient disinfectant for the busy office of a health care provider. In addition to hospitals and general use, the company also manufactures a broad variety of equipment and supplies designed to fight infection and cross-contamination. Examples include safety eyewear and “Bearriers,” which are films and covers, as well as examination stools and x-ray aprons.



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Telephone: 000-000-0000
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