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About HR Locker

We needed a system for managing human resources that is online, easy to set up, highly configurable, and would work for a small to medium-sized company with offices in different countries.

There are great time tracking applications out there. There are great vacation tracking systems. And there are great HR Information Systems. But nobody was putting them all together and selling it online at a low cost.

So we built HR Locker.

We're not competing with big ERP systems. We don't parachute in a bunch of expensive consultants to tell you what you need. We're in a pretty awful recession and we all need to get more done with less.

Rather than spend tens of thousands of dollars, euros or pounds, we think companies like yours would be happier paying less than a thousand dollars a year for a fully managed package that provides most of what you need out of the box. Because we really believe in what we're selling, we're happy to offer you a 30 day free trial with no small print. If you like it and want to keep on using it we'd be delighted to have you as a customer.

Based on your feedback we'll add functionality and constantly improve the service. All upgrades will be provided at no additional cost.

We have customers using our software in North America, UK, Ireland, China and Japan. Our shareholders include Enterprise Ireland, an Irish government agency; and Enterprise Equity, an Irish venture capital company.

All of our software is built on the Windows Azure platform so you get the peace of mind that your important data is kept safe and secure in Mircosoft’s data centres.

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Address: 53 McCurtain Street
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Telephone: +353 (21) 2429486
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