Dr. Raymond Flagiello - Experienced dentist Dr. Raymond Flagiello currently works out of a practice on New York's Staten Island

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About Dr. Raymond Flagiello

Experienced dentist Dr. Raymond Flagiello currently works out of a practice on New York's Staten Island, where he has treated patients for nearly two decades. A native Staten Islander, he enjoys a number of personal and professional relationships in the area, and he commits himself to assisting his community in many ways. At present, Dr. Raymond Flagiello acts as the Advisor for the Dental Assistant Program at Tottenville High School, and he instructs children during designated health months at two other schools on Staten Island.

Apart from more general services such as teeth polishing and regular check-ups, Dr. Raymond Flagiello provides individuals with cosmetic procedures such as Invisalign braces, implants for missing teeth, and bleaching and whitening. He also performs complete smile makeovers, which remain an ideal choice for brides-to-be or individuals who have simply grown tired of their imperfect teeth. Other cosmetic options that Dr. Flagiello offers include onlays and inlays, veneers, and full reconstructions of the mouth.

The dental practice is dedicated to working around a patient’s busy schedule and lifestyle. Dr. Raymond Flagiello upholds a commitment to patients' satisfaction by offering services outside of normal business-day hours. In addition, he and his staff willingly provide benefit and co-payment estimates for individuals with questions about insurance. For more information, visit www.DrFlagiello.com.

Dr. Raymond Flagiello holds an advanced degree from the School of Dentistry at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. A dedicated member of his profession, he stays current on the latest advances in dentistry and networks with his peers by holding memberships in several industry organizations, including the Italian Dental Society of New York, Dental Colleagues Study Club, and the American Dental Association. He also participates on the board of the Second District Dental Society, presides over the Richmond County Dental Society, and serves as a New York State Dental Association Delegate.



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