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About Dr. Balwant Singh's Hospital

As one of Guyana’s most advanced private hospitals, Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital offers comprehensive diagnostic and surgical procedures. Located in the heart of Georgetown’s South Cummingsburg medical district, the hospital is conveniently located close to pharmacies and other medical supply stores. Dr. Balwant Singh founded the 50-bed hospital in 2004; now entering its eighth year, it strives towards recognition as one of Guyana’s most technologically advanced medical facilities.

Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital has 13 medical specialists working in 12 departments. Dr. Mandu Singh heads the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Employing the latest technological equipment and procedures, this department performs laparoscopic surgery for hysterectomies, pregnancies, and diagnostics. The OB/GYN Department handles caesarian sections and has a neonatal intensive care unit complete with modern baby warmers and ventilators for surfactant therapies. In addition to the neonatal ICU, the hospital’s emergency room is equipped for obstetric emergencies.

Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital has also expanded into general dentistry. Patients of all ages enjoy access to preventative care, root canals, crowns, whitening, and wisdom teeth removal. In addition, there is a full-time orthodontist on staff to take care of braces and all other orthodontia work.

A complete medical facility, Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital maintains a 24-hour emergency room, a 13-bed intensive care unit, a larger inpatient facility, and an outpatient facility. Like Dr. Balwant Singh himself, the doctors at his namesake hospital trained in India. The hospital employs 25 nurses who trained in India or Guyana and an expert administrative and support staff. The entire staff adheres to the Dr. Balwant Singh’s Hospital core beliefs of commitment to quality care and patient satisfaction.


Address: 314 East Street
Georgetown ,
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