Dixie HomeCrafters - Dixie HomeCrafters, Inc., operates as one of the largest replacement contracting companies in the United States.

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Market sector: Construction
Telephone: 770-455-6450

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About Dixie HomeCrafters

Founded in 1991, Dixie HomeCrafters, Inc., provides its customers with top-quality products and craftsmanship. In 2010, the company ranked as the nation’s ninth-largest replacement contractor according to Replacement Contractor Magazine. Based in Norcross, Georgia, Dixie HomeCrafters currently serves major cities throughout the southern United States, including Charlotte, North Carolina; Nashville, Tennessee; and Atlanta, Georgia; among others.

Dixie HomeCrafters offers a number of services aimed at restoring the beauty and structural integrity of homes of various architectural types. The company has developed signature products such as the GutterGuardian, which prevents debris from clogging gutters. When packed with debris, gutters often lose their ability to channel water to drainpipes. Instead, water simply overflows the roof along the gutter line. In some cases, the situation simply mimics that of a home with no gutters; unfortunately, it also means in many instances that gutters become packed with debris and damage the roof and underlying soffits. Gutters that become too heavy sometimes pull away from the house, dragging roofing and other parts of the building down and causing additional damage.

In addition to gutter protection, Dixie HomeCrafters installs vinyl siding. Whether it clads the entirety of a home or serves as trim, vinyl siding is a worry-free, durable alternative to wood siding. Available in hundreds of colors ranging from pastels to wood tones, vinyl siding requires little maintenance and can be configured to complement any type of home design. Dixie HomeCrafters’ vinyl siding resists moisture and high winds and insulates a house from temperature fluctuations.

In addition, Dixie HomeCrafters delivers value and guarantees customer satisfaction. Every customer who signs a contract with the company receives the personal phone number of one of the company’s owners so that questions or concerns can be handled directly. Moreover, the company submits quotes rather than estimates to ensure that customers know in advance exactly what the bill will be.



Address: 3100 Medlock Bridge Road Suite 370
Norcross 30071,
United States
Telephone: 770-455-6450
Website: Click to visit Website