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Market sector: Business
Telephone: (949) 273-8320

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About Dedicated Sound and Audio

Based out of Lake Forest, California, Dedicated Sound and Audio designs innovative sound audio technology concepts for business or personal application. It uses technology that mixes high-quality sound alongside lightweight and high-efficiency handling in its audio panels, The Company founder and inventor Stephen R. Ventre invented the removable mobile portable phone speaker, and Sound Artâ„¢ bluetooth canvas or framed wall sound art speakers. According to Dedicated Sound and Audio, this consumer products has the ability in his opinion to represent more than a billion in combined revenue, in the mobile device accessory market alone estimating north of 100 million if executed in the proper rollout structure the phone industry alone could be north of a billion by 2018.

Thanks to dedicated product and technology development, Dedicated Sound and Audio develops innovative audio products that allow the company to be one step ahead of its competitors. The company encourages every employee to submit ideas for innovation, claiming that if someone can dream it, others at the company can design, build, and market it. The engineering team develops the audio electronic products, most of which include a minimalist and functional approach.

From there, the marketing team at Dedicated Sound and Audio works closely with the engineering department to predict technology and electronic trends, ensuring that the products will have a successful market launch. All of the products undergo thorough testing in both the laboratory and test market, and once approved, are available for purchase through retailers, trade shows, online portals, and licensing fairs.


Address: 26784 Vista Terrace
Lake Forest, CA 92630,
United States
Telephone: (949) 273-8320
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