Davos International Bank - Since its creation, Davos International Bank have been developing a wide range of custom-made banking solutions.

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Market sector: Banking Insurance and Financial Services
Telephone: 2685623951

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About Davos International Bank

Davos International Bank is located in St. John’s, the capital of the stable Caribbean jurisdiction of Antigua and Barbuda. A part of the Davos Group alliances, the bank specializes in portfolio management, as well as corporate, individual, institutional, and commercial banking. Davos International Bank considers personalized service part of its policy and tradition. For a decade, the bank has developed custom-made banking solutions, tailoring its services to each of its clients. As a result, Davos International Bank is able to offer its clients the services of a small bank and the security of a large institution.

Supervised and audited by the Financial Services Regulatory Commission, Davos International Bank provides its clients with a high degree of security and confidentiality. It utilizes the latest technology to grant its clients 24-hour access to their accounts 365 days a year. In this way, clients can see exactly where their money is and what it is doing. Furthermore, the bank puts every prospective employee through a meticulous assessment process, followed by a thorough training period and ongoing education. The bank expects its officers to adapt to any possible situation and consequently, it has worked to develop a staff that provides top-notch service in a friendly and comfortable professional environment.

Among its main responsibilities, the bank works to protect the value of its clients’ assets. It also aims to increase its clients’ net worth, protect its clients against international conflict or other difficulties that may arise in the countries in which they live, and provide them with direct access to the best investment alternatives in the financial market.



Address: Woods Centre, Friars Hill Road
St. Johns ,
Antigua And Barbuda
Telephone: 2685623951
Website: Click to visit Website