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About Aaran Insurances

If you use your van for business purposes then you will need to purchase commercial van insurance. You’re business is dependent on your vehicle and having the correct commercial van insurance policy will give you a greater sense of security surrounding your business. You can’t afford not be covered if the content of your van are stolen or someone from your company is involved in an accident.

While you might think that you purchasing the cheapest cover possible will save you money, depending on your business you may actually lose out substantially if you don’t find the right cover for your business. Looking for cheap van insurance quotes doesn’t always mean you’ll end up with the best cover for your business.
Often, the type of insurance cover that you can get will depend on many different factors including: how much you want to be covered for, the type of van you own and the length of your policy. Most insurance companies will offer you insurance on Transit Vans, Courier Vans and Escort Vans.

If you are considering purchasing commercial van insurance then you will need to be aware of the different types of policies available. The three main types of van insurance are:

Fully Comprehensive Insurance
Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance
Third Party Commercial Van Insurance
Fully Comprehensive Insurance Cover
Fully Comprehensive Insurance
Fully Comprehensive Insurance will typically cost more than the other commercial van insurance coverage as the policy covers the entire range of risks that your van may encounter. This type of insurance covers the liability for death or injury to any person in the van. It also covers any damage to the property of the other party. You will also be covered for any damages that happen to your van in the event of any accident, fire, theft, burglary or vandalism.

Usually when you purchase Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover you will also be provided with a replacement van and liability for any tools in the van. Under this type of coverage your legal and medical expenses will also be covered up to a set amount. The Fully Comprehensive Insurance cover is very well suited to anybody who drives Transit Vans as it will provide safety for the van, passengers and the tools or contents in the van.

Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance
Like the Fully Comprehensive Insurance coverage, Third Party Fire and Theft Insurance covers any damages or losses caused by acts of vandalism, accident, fire, theft or burglary.

This type of insurance will also cover you against any damages caused by a third party. The amount you are insured for will depend on the cause of damage This type of insurance would not cover you if your van was damaged by a driver who did not have insurance.

Third Party Commercial Van Insurance
Third Party Commercial Van Insurance is usually the cheapest type of basic van insurance coverage. Third Party Commercial Van Insurance will cover you against any damages to a third party. If you have an old van or do not think that your van is worth very much then you can take this insurance coverage out to fulfil your legal obligation of having your van insured.

If none of these types of coverage suit your business needs then you should look at other van insurance coverage options. These include: Replacement Van Insurance, Foreign UseVan Insurance and Increased Personal Insurance.

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