Brett Tollman - Executive at TTC

President & Chief Executive at The Travel Corporation



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United States

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Travel and Tourism



Brett Tollman has over thirty years experience in the travel and tourism industry. Over these past three decades, Brett Tollman has transitioned from being a local hotelier to an international travel executive, with the goal of providing a high level of consistent quality of service, experiences and value for each client of the business. Born in South Africa, he currently resides in Los Angeles, California where he serves as President and CEO of The Travel Corporation (TTC).

Brett Tollman's Professional Experience

2010 - Present
Key Skills
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Brett Tollman's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - Hotel Administration

Cornell University

Brett Tollman's Additional Information



1.World Travel & Tourism Council: Vice chairman
2.Young President’s Organisation: He is a Member of the international Chapter. The group meets to help each member develop professionally and provide learning opportunities for one another.
3.The Travel Corporation’s Conservation Foundation: Founding Board Member. The Foundation is a non profit organization which supports work that fosters sustainable tourism & projects culturally & ecologically sensitive areas around the world