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Aileen Jameson - New Embroidery Design from Fantastic Collection

At DigitisingMart, each design begins with a pencil sketch, and is transformed over time and through technology into a piece that's ready for digitizing. Embellish your creations with beautiful Vector Art Services designs. We provide our se … more
5 years ago

David Schugar - About me

The President of Equity Gaming, LLC, David Schugar is a veteran of over 30 years in the casino gaming industry, with experience working in top establishments in Nevada, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana. David has spent the majority of his … more
8 years ago

David Cooper - Few essentials of home renovation

Proper planning can ease down the daunting task of home renovation. The purpose of renovating the house can always vary. Some of the reasons for it can be to raise the house value, transform the house into new look or to welcome someone spe … more
7 years ago