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Lab Technician Blogs

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Sherif Mohamed El-Refai - The Black Lab Aims to Improve Cancer Therapies

Sherif Mohamed El-Refai is pursuing a PhD in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Kentucky. His concentration is on clinical and experimental therapeutics. Concurrently, Sherif Mohamed El-Refai works in the university's Markey Cance … more
4 years ago

Carlo Thomas Vocal Coach - The Challenge of Vocal Coaching

Carlo Thomas is a vocal coach and vocal technician with a strong background in Broadway performances. Having performed both on and off Broadway throughout his career as a vocal technician, he has appeared in such classics as Phantom of the … more
6 years ago

Adam Taylor - Prepare for a Career in Medicine

Developing a successful career in medicine is no mean feat, but will be very rewarding. Whether you’re looking to become a general practitioner, surgeon, researcher or consultant, there are many aspects to be aware of and several thin … more
8 years ago

Carlo Thomas Vocal Coach - The Spoleto Festival

Carlo Thomas works as a vocal coach and vocal technician in Sarasota, Florida. Prior to becoming a vocal coach, he attended East Stroudsburg University and performed in a number of Broadway and Off-Broadway shows as well as radio and televi … more
6 years ago

Randmorimoto Morimoto - McAfee and Armstrong - Both Dead Set on Failure

Lance Armstrong and John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus are both strong examples of how the wrong life choices and a simple lack in regard for the decisions that you make can heavily affect you as a person, as well as that which y … more
7 years ago

Cheap SSL Certificates at RapidSSLonline.com - How is an SSL Certificate Installed on Microsoft IIS 7.X?

Installing a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.x is easy with the new user interface, but is often confusing for those new to IIS 7. Getting the certificate for Microsoft IIS 7.x begins the … more
8 years ago

Kathrine Mya - what is the best internet security software

The internet which is known as world wide web allows individuals and businesses to share information and files with other computers. However, any computer that is connected to the Internet is exposed to many risks from other computer users. … more
7 years ago

Dr Preet Pal Singh Sethi - Superfoods You Might Want to Avoid

It turns out all “superfoods” might not be so super after all. Here are six foods touted for their miraculous benefits you might want to think twice about–some are useless, some are questionable, and some might be downrigh … more
5 years ago

Nick Murphy - A Brief Thought On Mortgage Lead Generation

a good read from http://www.loanofficerunleashed.com/brief-thought-on-mortgage-lead-generation/ So you’re heading back in from a 3 day weekend, officially billed “the last real weekend of summer”. I hope you had a great ti … more
9 years ago

Kathrine Mya - Protect your Valuable data by using Comodo Backup

Today in present world there are no one who do not know about what an internet is! Before few days if people want to buy a gift or if they want to purchase they used to go by walk or by bus and get the things but now the situation has been … more
7 years ago