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Hr Manager Blogs

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Zariq Siddiqui - United Way’s WLC Helps Cut Milwaukee Teen Pregnancy in Half

The senior manager of sales operations and strategy at Abbott Laboratories, Zariq Siddiqui is responsible for full cycle sales operations in the company’s Pediatric Nutrition Product Division. A committed philanthropist, Zariq Siddiqu … more
3 years ago

Amita Vadlamudi - Library Shelf-Reading

Shelf reading, the process of reviewing the placement of books on a library’s shelves to ensure they’re in the proper location is a crucial element of library management. An improperly shelved book is as good as lost since libra … more
2 years ago

David Schugar - About me

The President of Equity Gaming, LLC, David Schugar is a veteran of over 30 years in the casino gaming industry, with experience working in top establishments in Nevada, Mississippi, Michigan, and Indiana. David has spent the majority of his … more
9 years ago

Light Suppliers - LED recessed lighting

Acuity Brands, Inc. enhances its popular P Series family of LED recessed lighting from Lithonia Lighting to help contractors and builders meet the increased color quality requirements for high efficacy lighting established by new Title 24 … more
5 years ago

Ingrit Natali - Australian Property Investment Advice

Like other types of investment, successful property investment involves correctly knowing when to buy and sell properties.Generally this requires some degree of predicting future trends and/or knowing that a particular property is undervalu … more
6 years ago

Austin Scott - WorldPharmaRX.com: PDE5 Inhibitor Pills for Erectile Dysfunction

12th Dec, 2011, New York: Worldpharmarx.com, a well renowned online pharmacy store has taken a great leap forward to curb erectile dysfunction in men across the globe. Erectile dysfunction(ED) is basically the inability of men to achieve a … more
8 years ago

Luke Tritschler - Are you leveraging LinkedIn to promote your business?

Since December last year I have been looking at LinkedIn’s Company profile service and monitoring how it has evolved. Since the first quarter of 2008 LinkedIn has been developing and refining the Company Profile service and although i … more
8 years ago

Kathrine Mya - Get rid of malware and unsafe processes using CCE

Internet has brought up major changes in the current technology. Viruses, malwares, spywares are increasing in lot of numbers. They tend to affect the whole system. Antivirus programs are able to detect these crippling viruses, in order to … more
7 years ago

Tara Fields - Rekindle Your Passion This Valentines Day!

Valentines Day  comes just once a year but a passionate relationship takes nurturing all 365 days of the year. Here’s my  advice based on both research and experience on how to rekindle the flame regardless of how dim it has become. … more
6 years ago

Ronald J. Pawley - Essential Security Apps For Your Phone or Tablet

Ronald J. Pawley Post:  Essential security apps for your phone or tablet October 24, 2014 The following article should be of interest to folks who use cell phones and tablets.  It is written by Kim Komando and appeared in the USA Today.  Ro … more
5 years ago