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Government Property Inspectors and Investigators Blogs

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Quentin Kearney - Quentin Kearney Results Property Management

Quentin Kearney of Results Property Management is a partner in Results Real Estate Services, LLC in Blue Springs, Missouri. With over $100 million in assets under management, Results Property Management is Kansas City's leader. … more
4 years ago

Shahram Shirkhani - Abu Dhabi to List Government Bonds on Its Own Exchange

The government of Abu Dhabi, the largest of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has announced that it will begin to list its government bonds on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, in addition to the London Stock Exchange. The change will bolste … more
6 years ago

Ingrit Natali - Australian Property Investment Advice

Like other types of investment, successful property investment involves correctly knowing when to buy and sell properties.Generally this requires some degree of predicting future trends and/or knowing that a particular property is undervalu … more
6 years ago

Jay Byrne - Turning mobile consumers into food safety inspectors

The latest whiz-bang application for mobile users, CellScope, comes to us from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, whose tool enables cell phone cameras to be used as fluorescent microscopes. This means that mobile device … more
8 years ago

Shahram Shirkhani - London to Offer Sharia-Compliant Bonds, Attract Islamic Investors

In recent months, the United Kingdom has started laying the foundation for its burgeoning economic relationship with the Islamic world. This October, the country hosted the 9th World Islamic Economic Forum. In addition, Prime Minister David … more
6 years ago

Curt Farber - The Real Estate Industry: Defining Several Terms

Curt Farber is a general partner at Farber Family LP, a California-based real estate investment and development company. Under the direction of Curt Farber, the firm acquires, develops, and markets quality properties in the residential sect … more
6 years ago

Richard Butler-Creagh - Creating New Spaces In London

Property developer and investment specialist, Richard Butler-Creagh is a consultant and major shareholder for the well-respected London based finance company, Mainstream Commercial Finance Ltd. Richard initially became interested in propert … more
7 years ago

Steven Gouletas - About the RPM Designation

Steven Gouletas has served as the CEO of National Rental Services, a property management firm with locations in Chicago, Illinois, and Orlando, Florida, since 2010. His responsibilities include overseeing the property management and leasing … more
6 years ago

Dr Preet Pal Singh Sethi - Does Aspirin Reduce Your Risk of Colon Cancer?

There has been a growing body of evidence suggesting that regular use of aspirin may lower the risk of certain cancers, particularly those of the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. This gradual upsurge in interest has been countered, however, by … more
5 years ago

Curt Farber - Curt Farber: Basics of Real Estate Development

Real estate developer Curt Farber has enjoyed a long and successful career in the industry. For those who are curious about what a real estate developer's job is, he has provided this brief outline. Put simply, a real estate developer purch … more
6 years ago