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Construction Blogs

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Ernest Grotsky - Ernest Grotsky: Primer -- Construction Law

Construction law is a broad area of law that deals with all issues surrounding building construction, such as contract law, construction claims, liens, bonds, building regulations, environmental issues, liability, and negligence. Constructi … more
6 years ago

Josh Poole Atlanta - The Four Point Construction Solutions Advantage

Josh Poole is a recruiter for Four Point Construction Solutions in Atlanta, Georgia. As primary recruiter, Josh Poole is responsible for ensuring that all new Four Point Construction Solutions employees enhance the company’s unique a … more
8 years ago

Josh Poole Atlanta - What Makes Four Point Construction Solutions Different

Josh Poole of Atlanta works as the director of recruitment at Four Point Construction Solutions. Founded in 2012, Four Point Construction Solutions employs Josh Poole to hire qualified labor workers and managers for jobs in Atlanta and thro … more
9 years ago

Josh Poole Atlanta - The Advantages of Four Point Construction Solutions

A highly experienced recruitment professional, Josh Poole has worked for a number of businesses based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Josh Poole currently serves as the director of recruitment for Four Point Construction Solutions. Four Point Cons … more
8 years ago

Johnathan Bulmer - Five Benefits of Buying an Office Container

Ship container architecture (otherwise known as cargo architecture) is a growing trend in the building design and construction industry. Many people are drawn to the idea because of its many benefits. Cargo architecture is used in many form … more
8 years ago

Harvey Goldstein Indonesia - KPPIP Delivers on Indonesian Infrastructure Projects

South East Asia based executive Harvey Goldstein has guided many developments in Indonesia and the broader Southeast Asian region over the past four decades. Through PT Harvest International Indonesia, Harvey Goldstein provides consulting a … more
5 years ago

Shahram Shirkhani - ADMA-OPCO Awards Massive Offshore Development Contract

With substantial experience in the oil and gas sector, respected lawyer Shahram Shirkhani has played a role in an array of industry transactions throughout the Middle East. Presently, Shahram Shirkhani works with several clients in the Unit … more
9 years ago

Amita Vadlamudi - Engineering jobs

Simply put, an engineer is a person who brings to life what the scientists have researched and conceptualized. Using mathematical and scientific formulas, engineers figure out how things work and find practical uses for scientific discoveri … more
5 years ago

Extend Manufacturing - Extend Manufacturing, LLC

Extend Manufacturing LLC is a leading company that offers easy to use and versatile equipments for the construction industry. We are best known for manufacturing small yet heavy duty vehicles, powerful engines and easy-to-exercise features. … more
9 years ago

Colin Thomson - Security Jobs

                           I am making enquires about positions that your company has at the present time for Security Staff. I have previous experience working on Construction Sites, Reception Duties, Front of House, Retail, Warehouses, Ho … more
1 decade ago