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Adult Educator Blogs

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Michael Ricupito - Treating Tooth Crowding Issues

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Michael Ricupito oversees Fremont’s Mission Hills Orthodontics and Danville’s Blackhawk Center Orthodontics. Dr. Ricupito offers patients braces and Invisalign solutions for a w … more
7 years ago

Eric Hagerbrant - Boy Scouts’ Wood Badge Training for Adults

Eric Hagerbrant is the president of Imaging Management Services of America, a medical imaging service in Rye Brook, New York. Outside of work, Eric Hagerbrant is an advocate of outdoor recreational activities and supports youth programs lik … more
7 years ago

Harvey Goldstein Indonesia - Fulbright Scholars Spend One Year Conducting Research Abroad

An accomplished American investment manager living in Singapore, Harvey Goldstein serves as chairman of Harvest International, Inc., and managing director of Business-Link Consultancy. Aside from his investment and consulting work in Singap … more
7 years ago

Angelina Pilon - Ontario’s Literacy and Numeracy Summer Programs

A professional educator with a career that spans more than two decades, Angelina Pilon has served as an administrator with First Nations Schools, the Simcoe County School District, and many other Canadian educational organizations. Angelina … more
8 years ago

Robert Lattas - Driehaus College of Business Was One of the Earliest Founded

Robert Lattas, of the Chicago-based Law Office of Robert D. Lattas, is an experienced real estate attorney. He is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Law in Bloomington and holds a master of arts in accounting from the Kelley Sch … more
8 years ago

Angelina Pilon - The Circle of Learning - Conferences for Parents

Ontario-based educator Angelina Pilon has more than 20 years of experience as a teacher and administrator for schools throughout the province. For nearly a decade, Angelina Pilon served with Provincially funded schools, first as a teacher, … more
8 years ago

Rick Bolander - Kajeet Delivers Sentinel Platform to D.C. Community College

The managing director of Gabriel Venture Partners, Rick Bolander possesses a wealth of experience in his field and serves on the Board of Directors of Kajeet, a leading developer of smartphones and wireless communication strategies for chil … more
7 years ago

Scott Mead - Scott Mead - Executive Biography Webpage

Keeping Active In addition to his active professional career, including serving as former managing director at Goldman Sachs & Company and as a founding partner of a private merchant bank Richmond Park Partners, London-based investment bank … more
1 decade ago

Tara Fields - INSIDE BULLIES Why Sibling Bullying Can Be Worst of All

Just when we think we have made significant inroads on bullying at school, a study published in the journal Pediatrics reveals that sibling bullying can be far worse than what happens at school. According to a study of over 3,500 children ( … more
7 years ago

Shree Venkatesh - Bring young Life Back With Super P Force

Super P Force the revolutionary treatment for men. It supports an erection and also so useful to prevent premature ejaculation and creates a longer and more enjoyable sexual experience. This medication is a combination of Sildenafil Citrate … more
8 years ago