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What’s New In iOS 9 for An iPhone Apps Development Company?

on 30 Aug 2016 5:35 | Viewed 572 times

Apple's iPhone is a smart multimedia phone designed for modern technology people. Since 2007, the iPhone market is continuously growing around the globe. Its innovative design and smooth touch screen has made it an admired accessory for most. The device is big enough to bring the world to your palm! There are several unique features such audio conferencing, video recording, voice control and games. Because of this range the plenty of business units are taking benefit from and developing applications to promote their business. iOS 9, Apple’s new mobile operating system, recently released, has pleased many users and critics. iOS 9 adoption is Apple’s fastest ever. The new operating system is installed on more than half of all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch units. Of the long list of improvements, there are other more significant things about iOS 9 for iPhone apps Development Company. 1) Search extensibility This gives an opportunity to developers to look for content inside applications from spotlight. When the user clicks on any of the search results, the app will be taken to the location where the search keyword is present. 2) Exception handling and defer Developers can use do-try-catch blocks for handling errors because of swift 2.0. This provides a welcome step closer towards conventional coding. The developers can create their own customer error types to describe errors. 3) Multitasking An iOS developer, who knows the usage of classes in interface builders, can customize the size of app windows. Slide Over, Split View, and Picture in Picture are exclusive features. Your iOS developers can find multiple ways to keep themselves engaged with the app. iOS 9 is faster and easier to use and the new features work well.


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