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Impact of duplicate content on SEO rankings

on 24 Dec 2015 5:40 | Viewed 402 times
“Content that appears on more than one URL is duplicate content,” said Google’s Matt Cutts. Using thin and duplicate content on sites proves to be fatal for SE rankings because Google disapproves this practice. It penalizes the site and does not provide it ranking in SERPs. Duplicate content leads to- ·         Negative user experience Google algorithms keep on changing to provide better experience to users. Google purpose behind appreciating relevant and fresh content is to provide relevant search results to users. This is because reading same content every time annoys users and leaves a negative impact on them. ·         Affects search engine rankings Matt Cutts said that duplicate content was used to manipulate rankings. To stop this, they made appropriate adjustments in the indexing. As a result, the ranking of the sites dropped down in SERPs or removed from the Google index. ·         Affects brand credibility Readers do share high-quality content, which puts positive impact on the brands image. Publishing of duplicate information affects brand credibility. ·         Search Engines gets confused Positing of duplicate information makes things hard for search engines, as they cannot easily filter through various sources to find the original source. ·         Difficult for direct link metrics Duplicate content across domains make things difficult for search engines. This is because they find it difficult to direct the link metrics (page rank, trust, anchor texts, etc.) of your site to a single page. Hence, optimization of website and publishing of fresh content is essential. ·         Traffic decreases Duplicate content not only just affects the ranking of site, but it also decreases the traffic. This is because less relevant results on search engines distracts users and make them switch to some other site.

The bottom line is that content is the king and if you want to obtain good ranking and traffic then you must ask SEO company in Manhattan to work on it.


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