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Marketing and Communication employee at Hunebedcentrum



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Let me first introduce myself: I am Astrid Bartelds and I am from the Netherlands. When I was a child I have always had the feeling of wanting to go to Ireland. Not just for a week on holiday, but to live there. I had never been there, but it was just a feeling. In May my dream of going there came true: I actually was able to go to the country! Spending my week there it became clear to me: I was home. I did not feel like I was in a foreign country. Now, as I have graduated my four year international education on Stenden University I am looking for a new challenge in my life. Maybe you can guess it, but indeed: living in Ireland! To do that I am looking for a job, on the marketing/sales department, in a tourism organisation or in a totally different branch.

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Art, culture, history, travel, languages, nature and motor cycling.