Antonio Roberto Camargo Saraiva - Experience Assistant Chef

kitchen porter at Bistrot Brillat bar, coffee and restaurant



Work category

Hotel and Catering



Antonio Roberto Camargo Saraiva's Professional Experience

2011 - Present

Bistrot Brillat bar, coffee and restaurant - kitchen porter

 Assisting chef
 To clean and sanitiz of food
 Pre-preparation of the foods (ex.: to clean fillet, to cut vegetables)
 grilling steaks
 Use of slicing machine
 Washing pots and pans
 Keeping the working place tidy and clean.

2010 - 2011

Cantina Di Capo - chef assistant

 To clean and sanitiz of food
 Preparation of the dishes
 Organization of the maison-place
 Manufacture of the pastas with the use of machine
 Washing pots and pans

Key Skills
Ability to work on own initiative, Positive attitude, Self motivated, Willing to learn new skills, Presentable, Reliable, Organized, team-spirited

Antonio Roberto Camargo Saraiva's Education and Qualifications


Certificate - AIRES SCAVONE


The curriculum includes subjects such as hygiene and food handling, personal hygiene, techniques of cutting, blanching and freezing plant, cutting, boning and preparing meat, poultry, fish, basic sauces, confectionery and coffee shop.
All classes are taught in kitchens equipped with the latest technology and highly regarded professionals and chefs.

Antonio Roberto Camargo Saraiva's Additional Information


I am looking for a work opportunity as Chef. My objective is to get a better experience in gastronomic area and after I would like to make a advanced gastronomic course in Ireland.