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Senior AP AS400 at Interteam Services and Consultancy Inc.



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Angelo Zanetti's Professional Experience

1990 - Present

Interteam Services and Consultancy Inc. - Senior AP AS400

An experienced, yet adaptable, Programmer and Software Developer with a proven track record in leading edge technology, financial & commercial market sectors.
Strong leader with extensive software development and integration experience
Results orientated & quality focused, with excellent relationship management skills.
Experienced in delivering a wide variety of programmes and projects, MIS solutions, consulting, document & content management, functional design & construction of applications, team leadership & management,
reliability & efficiency initiatives.

2008 - 2008

Enibank Brussels - Senior AP AS400

Ibis System management
Enibank is the bank of ENI, the biggest italian petroleum corporation, then all the money transfer from a branch to an other of ENI is performed by ENIBANK.
Thanks to my experience in Banca Intesa I was instructed to adapt certain procedures for messages about the SWIFT money transfer, and in particular the reinforcement of certain control procedures password via templates. I also programmed the transformation of a path AS400 fixed in a variable track with eradication of blanks and zeros not significant.

Key Skills
2007 - 2007

Fineco (Milan) - Senior AP AS400

Risk management documentation technical and functional

Key Skills
2005 - 2006

Delphi Packard Austria - Senior AP AS400

This company had to transfer its productions tool from Austria to Romany, then I had the duty
to project and develop a complete inventory management grounded on a bill of materials designed as a Christmas tree. My programs allowed to load, update and explode this bill of materials on 20 levels. In this programs I used RPG Free Format to, learning it on a book written part in English and part in German.
In Delphi Packard there was to a military department and our biggest client was US Army.
In IT offices I spoke English, but with end-users i spoke German without problems.

Key Skills
2002 - 2004

Banca Intesa Milan(Banksiel) - System Developer

Responsible for managing a project to develop Swift equities financial management system
Appointed to work on various IT systems development & improvement programmes
Created template of SWIFT message master record containing default information
Enabled option to transform a field from Optional to Mandatory after loading SWIFT
Developed systems to facilitate SWIFT communication between different Banks
Created program to transform SWIFT message from fixed AS400 record to variable
Developed programme to read message from modem and convert to AS400 SWIFT
Programme also facilitated reverse process resending via modem after amendment
Setting up SWIFT procedure in London’s branch of Banca Intesa and training of London’s users
Developed a programme for 3 Banks in group to merge records of common clients
Translated master files to enable use across Russia, Czech republic and Croatia
Adapted programs as Cyrillic characters need larger spaces than Latin counterparts with data migration
Created and developed training programmes for junior internal programmers
Co-ordinated Capital Gain management project with UBS(Union Banques Suisses)
Transformed AS400 data structure to COBOL Working Storage Section frame
Managed Master/Corporate card credit limits, commission costs & delinquent clients
Developed system & process improvements to a SIRE banking information system
Transferred program to user environment with ALDON writing in RPGILE using SQL

Key Skills
Banking data financial management IT Systems SQL Systems development

Angelo Zanetti's Education and Qualifications


Bachelor/Degree - IT courses, IT

Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

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