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Pharmacology and Pharmacists

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Pharmacology is an area of biomedical sciences that studies the drug action effects on our body. Drug action affects all of us in one way or another through the medicines that we take.

Pharmacology is essential for discovering new medicines that would help fight diseases such as cancer, depression, heart disease, various infectious diseases etc. Moreover continued progress in the discovery of new drugs is needed to prevent possible upcoming deadly illnesses. Drugs are not only important to control and eliminate the disease itself, but also to get rid of any sort of side effects it may leave behind.

Scientifically, pharmacology is at the core of the biomedical sciences, in which it links together chemistry, physiology (the study of functions of living organisms) and pathology (the malfunctioning of living organisms that leads to disease).

It is one of the most heroic fields that we have today. Gaining knowledge and understanding of this scientific field improves the lives of millions of people across the world by providing vital answers by testing and clinically using new medicines. The ability to use the right medicine to get the maximum health benefits and minimize illnesses depends on this study and the information it provides.

By the passing year, dozens of new diseases are seen emerging on which the older medicines have little to no affect. Pharmacology will continuously have to keep up its research and discovery in order to keep the human race going.

Pharmacists are medication experts, who are responsible for giving the patients the right medical treatment to help them achieve a swift positive outcome at a reasonable cost. Pharmacists also advise their patients and physicians on the selection, dosages, interactions, and side effects of medications. They also monitor the health and progress of those patients to ensure they are using their medications safely and effectively. Pharmacists have to keep in check the quality of the medication being given and that they are safe according to legal rules, and are also being given to the patients while abiding by the legal rules.

Being a pharmacist is a rewarding career to follow. Traditionally, you will need a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree to get started. But to really be able to practice Pharmacology you need a Doctor of Pharmacology (PharmD) degree to practice. Many students to tend to enter the PharmD program only after 2-3 years of the undergraduate degree.  All states require Pharmacists to hold a license to practice. You will have to pass your PharmD program and two license examinations the NAPLEX and MPJE.

About Amita Vadlamudi:

Having worked in the computer field for thirty plus years, Amita Vadlamudi spends her spare time learning and exploring other fields. Her foray into the study of Medical Science contributed to this article on Pharmacology and the Pharmacist jobs.


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